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Less is more signifies marine cluster Legasea´s identity 2014-06-19


The biomarine industry in Norway has a long history of being top-notch in terms of production, but perhaps not as good at branding.  Legasea, a cluster of some twenty biomarine companies on the northwestern coast of Norway, is an exemption, thanks to design agency ELLE mELLE.

The biomarine industry in Norway has a long history of being top-notch in terms of production, but perhaps not as good at branding.  

A biomarine cluster in Møre and Romsdal on the northwestern coast had ambitions to change that.  

Kristina Giske , managing director of design agency ELLE mELLE, was contacted and asked if her team could give the cluster a really good name.

The name was to represent the cluster, but it also had to be compatible with some twenty other company names that (so far) are part of it. If ELLE mELLE succeeded and came up with the perfect name, the agency would get the job of designing the profile as well.

«It was a challenge. Naturally, when you think about the identity you have visual ideas coming into your head, too. Of course we wanted to share these ideas with the client, and explain why a name would work visually. But we had to start with first things first», Giske says.

Colours, fonts and shapes were put aside and ELLE mELLE started by taking a look at the history. The designers searched for a common ground for all these different companies. The name had to be unifying, and represent both where they all came from and where they were going. 

The biomarine cluster wanted to honour the history and rich traditions of the fishermen and related industry of Møre, whilst being innovative and moving the industry forward. The biomarine cluster aimed at substainable development and management of marine resources, making greater use of them and reducing the waste.

«There has been a pioneering spirit in this area for decades, however, there are a lot of small companies competing with each other. They haven’t been focusing on getting their message out there, internationally. Today, they are all competing with large, international companies. Coming together in a biomarine cluster has given them a stronger voice. It was a wise move to getLegasea_log.jpg together locally, compete and grow big together, enabling them to stand the test of time and be around for future generations », says Giske.

ELLE mELLE started to develop values for the cluster, which have later been retained as Legasea's values. Along the process of both creating the name and the subsequent work with the visual profile, the agency returned to these values.

«We use them to ensure that we are always emphasising a strategy. As graphic designers, we’re not in the business of making something decorative, but in creating identity. There’s a reason behind every detail, it’s not just meant to be ‘pretty’», says Giske, adding:

«A strategy and brand platform should lay the foundation in terms of identifying both values and target audience. We always make ourselves very familiar with an existing platform, or develop one before we begin on a project».

Sustainability. To manage the wealth well in terms of natural resources, expertise and the pioneering spirit of this area in Norway. To represent strength and the tough life at sea in the Arctic. Pioneering, innovation and Norway’s heritage.

These were among ELLE mELLE’s navigation points in searching for the cluster’s name, and the designers came up with a long list of alternatives.

«We had many names and many darlings. However, one stood out as the most natural choice to all of us. Legasea, playing on the word ´legacy´ and combining it with ‘sea’», says Giske.

The name came as quite a surprise to the cluster, Oddvar Skarbø , project manager of Legasea, explains.

«In this industry, we’re used to names that tend to be a bit heavy, technical and more descriptive. For example, we started out with the name Omegaland. But Elle melee was better at playing with the associations than we were. We were thrilled when we heard Legasea the first time, and the name was adopted by a unanimous board », he says, adding that working with the people at ELLE mELLE has been incredibly inspiring.

«They have shown so much enthusiasm and energy».

Although the process and cooperation with the cluster worked well right from the start, the designers were a little nervous about how the the client would response to the name.

«We knew that we’d gone in a slightly different direction than what they perhaps were expecting. Therefore we were very excited when it appealed to them as well. One person in the project team even said that if the cluster didn’t take the name, he wanted to buy it and have it for one of his companies», Giske says.

With the name in place, the graphic designers Yvonne Aarset and Guro Synes started working on the visual profile. The echo sounder, represented by the brackets in the profile, is a symbol for both the search for marine resources as well as the search for expertise and knowledge.

«The shape is both unifying and open, and a great tool visually because it can frame parts of an image or some words in a text, but also work well by itself. The font is Helvetica Neue, with a small  alteration on the letter ´g´. We wanted a simple font, representing hard work, and being ´tall and proud´», says Aarset.

Guro Synes adds that when working with simple logos it can get a little nervy when they are to be presented to the client.

«It can be a challenge to create an understanding of why less is more. You worry that the customer will think you haven’t worked much with the profile, which of course is not the case. Hence, simplicity can get quite tricky sometimes», she says.

Inspired by the sea and its surroundings, ELLE mELLE experimented with different colours. Samples of seaweed from plants that grow on rocks and in nature in close connection to the sea in Møre was collected. First, the designers presented the profile in a slightly tawny version, inspired by the yellow and brownish tones of seaweed, but they ended up with a green-blue colour.

The cluster had given no specific guidelines when it came to colours or shapes; however, it eventually became clear that the project team had a strong desire to highlight the word ‘sea’ in Legasea.

«We didn’t want that, as we felt it would dilute the strengths of the name », says Giske.

She and her colleagues held their ground for a long time. However, this little detail turned out to blow up a storm and give a thrilling moment in the very last rounds. Only days before the name and visual identity were to be launched, the chairman of the board and project manager contacted ELLE mELLE and demanded that ‘sea’ was highlighted.

As they called and cancelled banners and other materials in a hurry, the designers all felt a growing pain in their stomachs and their hearts were heavy.

«We’d given in, and it just felt so wrong. With the highlighted parts you wouldn’t see the whole word as one, and you’d lose something. Everyone would read ´sea´ and the play on ´legacy´ would be a little lost», says Giske.

They gave it another thirty minutes and then figured it was sink or swim. They had to call back. Giske took the courage to speak her feelings, explaining just how painful it was to all of them, and how they felt in their hearts. How this was a wrong turn, please go back!

The chairman listened. And turned around.

«You can imagine our relief! It felt great! We spoke straight from the heart and that was something they all respected and could relate to », she says.

The client is happy, too. Oddvar Skarbø says that the profile has proved unifying, both creating enthusiasm and becoming a quality seal among the cluster companies.

«They’re proud to present their own logos in combination with that of Legasea. ELLE mELLE has done very well and we've got a profile that works in so many ways. For the kick-off in October 2013 we made the brackets in 3D and got all the companies to stand within them as we unveiled the name. It was very effective, everyone virtually got ´a feel´ of the logo and now it’s under our skin », he says.

Anna Karolin Langhammer

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